Drunk Elephant Baby Juju and Baby Pekee Bar Soap Travel Case. Exfoliating Face Wash and Moisturizing Bar Cleansers. 1 Ounce Each. Travel Duo + Case.


THE JUJU BAR. The JuJu Bar is created to clean while gently getting rid of dead skin cells from the surface area of the skin. Distinctively developed with thermal mud and also bamboo powder, it develops a luscious soap that dissolves undesirable oil and pore-clogging contaminations
PEKEE BAR. Really in an organization of its own, Pekee Bar is a mild cleaning bar that moisturizes, clears up as well as balances the skin tone. Instilled with a blend of blueberry essence, marula oil and honey, Pekee Bar tones and also promotes wetness retention
No Doubt IN QUALITY. A routine is just comparable to its worst item, and also a product is just comparable to its worst active ingredient. Drunk Elephant is devoted to your interior wellness as well as external skin health and wellness; “If there’s any type of DOUBT, it’s OUT.
SENSITIVE VS. SENSITIZED. When skin is revealed to irritants and also sensitizers, damage can be imperceptible and also advancing, leaving it in a reactive setting. “Sensitive” skin is typically simply skin that has ended up being sensitized in time by severe additives
MADE IN THE UNITED STATES. Drunk Elephant does not take shortcuts or compromise ingredients to save money. They are hands-on and will remain real to their principles. Their items are created, tested, and also made in the United States